On Yorav


Adv. On Yorav specializes in the field of real estate.

On specializes in real estate and accompanies a wide range of transactions and agreements in the field, including sales and purchase transactions, commercial real estate and residential real estate.

In addition, On specializes in the field of urban renewal as part of National Outline Plan 38 projects and demolition and reconstruction projects, as well as in the field of sheltered housing.

On's clients include real estate owners, contractors and developers, commercial companies and more.


Area of Expertise - Real Estate
Member of the Bar - Member of the Israel Bar Association, 2020
Education - Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration with a specialization in International Business
Law from the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, 2019
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Phone: +972-3-6113000
E-mail: onr@sgslaw.co.il