Nir Sabarov

Managing Partner and Co-head of Commercial Litigation Department

Adv. Nir Sabarov is a managing partner and manages the Commercial Litigation Department.

Nir serves as a managing partner, specializes in commercial law with an emphasis on complex commercial litigation, and serves as Co-head of the Commercial Litigation Department alongside Adv. Nir Milshtein.

Nir has over 20 years of extensive experience in commercial litigation and commercial law, and represents various private bodies, public bodies as well as commercial bodies in all areas of civil-commercial-administrative litigation and in all courts, including in mediation and arbitration proceedings and complex disputes.

Nir specializes in complex disputes in the fields of contracting and infrastructure, and related to and arising from PPP contracts in particular, and regularly represents State bodies involved in highly significant disputes.

In addition, Nir provides legal assistance and guidance to the Firm's clients in a wide range of commercial law areas. 


Area of Expertise - Commercial Litigation and Commercial Law
Member of the Bar - Member of the Israel Bar Association, 2001
Education - Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary Center
in Herzliya, 2000
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Phone: +972-3-6113000