Yaron Eliasi


Adv. Yaron Eliasi is a partner in the Commercial Litigation Department.

Yaron specializes in commercial litigation in a variety of aspects, including companies, capital markets, infrastructure, securities law, contracts and more.

Yaron has extensive experience of over a decade in representing parties in litigation proceedings in a variety of areas of commercial law.

Yaron appears in the various courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Over the past decade, Yaron has had notable successes in the legal proceedings he has represented, some of which have received media attention in light of their significance and implications.


Area of Expertise - Commercial Litigation
Member of the Bar - Member of the Israel Bar Association, 2010
Education - Bachelor of Laws from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2009
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Phone: +972-3-6113000
E-mail: yaron@sgslaw.co.il