Ori Gotlieb


Adv. Ori Gotlieb is a partner in the Capital Markets Department.

Ori specializes in corporate law and securities and has extensive experience in accompanying public companies, accompanying initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary issues on the stock exchange and debt raising.

As part of his activities, Ori provides comprehensive legal counsel to public companies in all aspects related to corporate and securities law, including regulation and corporate governance and the management of discussions between them and the authorities and regulatory bodies.

In addition, Ori advises and accompanies companies in the process of raising capital and debt from the initial stages until they are registered for trade, including drafting commercial agreements, purchase agreements and the like.

Ori's clients include public companies registered for trade in Israel and the United States that operate in various fields - industry, real estate, retail, technology, investments, services, food and more.


Area of Expertise - Corporate Law, Securities Law and Commercial Law
Member of the Bar - Member of the Israel Bar Association, 2001
Education - Bachelor of Laws and Economics from Tel Aviv University, 2000
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E-mail: orig@sgslaw.co.il