Dafna Zinger

Managing Partner and Head of the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Departments

Adv. Dafna Zinger is a managing partner and also manages the Real Estate Department and Urban Renewal Department. 

Dafna, who specializes in real estate planning and construction, leads complex commercial transactions and provides unique and ongoing legal guidance to the Firm's clients. 

As part of her activities, she provides legal support and advancement of real estate projects in the fields of residential, office, commercial, logistics and industry - while outlining a comprehensive legal strategy for complex and large real estate projects.

Dafna has extensive experience in negotiating with relevant parties, contracting with developers and landowners, drafting contracts for combination transactions, construction and execution transactions, joint transactions, eviction and construction projects, accompanying purchasing groups, accompanying clients in the field of sheltered housing, and numerous and varied actions and transactions in these areas. 

In addition, Dafna regularly accompanies centers and commercial complexes of the leading companies in the market. As part of her specialization, Dafna provides legal assistance from the execution and construction stages, including the publication of tenders and contracts with various contractors and service providers.

Dafna also advises companies and private entrepreneurs on their real estate holding matters. 


Area of Expertise - Real Estate and Commercial Law
Member of the Bar - Member of the Israel Bar Association, 1999
Education - Bachelor of Laws from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, 1998
Bachelor of Economics from Tel Aviv University, 1998
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E-mail: dafna@sgslaw.co.il