Capital Markets

The Capital Markets Department is one of the most prominent and leading departments in its field in Israel.


The Department accompanies public companies and bond companies throughout their life cycles, starting with initial public offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (IPOs), raising capital and debt of traded companies, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, debt settlements and delisting companies.


Thanks to our extensive experience and deep legal understanding, our clients rely on the uncompromising professional ability of the Department’s team.


The Department provides public and reporting companies with advice on corporate governance, accompanying boards and committees, advising directors, remuneration of senior executives, relationships between companies, stakeholders and controlling shareholders, as well as various administrative enforcement programs.


In recent years, the Department has executed a large number of issues of bonds, including the first issue of bonds of a company in the field of sheltered housing, as well as debt settlements in which our Firm represented the various companies in these proceedings.


The Department’s clients include companies from diverse fields such as industry, real estate, sheltered housing and the life sciences.