Urban Renewal

The Urban Renewal Department represents hundreds of projects in the field of planning and construction. The Department’s team represents developers and tenants in demolition and reconstruction projects, as well as projects within the National Master Plan 38 program.


The Department has gained extensive experience in the field of urban renewal in Israel and leads many transactions to success. 


Our clients trust us when it comes to meeting all their needs in complex projects, including maintaining all the rights they deserve. Our dedicated team is always at the service of our clients and works together with them throughout the process.


Our Department’s attorneys are experienced in all aspects related to the field of urban renewal. The advice and guidance is provided at all stages of the project, from organizing the holders of rights and tracing the transaction, to delivery of the units and registration of rights in the Land Registry. The process of these projects includes many stages such as handling aspects of taxation and fees, legal proceedings relating to real estate supervision, financing arrangements, necessary collateral and liens and more. The Urban Renewal Department regularly accompanies our Firm's Real Estate Department.